Team password manager Portadi enters beta

We started Portadi with the vision of having better access management for team cloud apps, web services and websites. Today, after many months of hard work, we can't wait to show it to you. Sign up for your Portadi account at

Too often we see login credentials being sent by email to new people on the team, a common practice in the workplace. That’s quick and convenient but hardly ideal, because at that moment you lose control over where the credentials end up. And you can’t easily revoke them either, other than changing the password or deleting the account. We aim to eliminate passwords from email and shared Excel or Google Spreadsheet documents.

Portadi brings all team apps into one place and makes them discoverable. When you need to get into a team app or website, in Portadi you can always:

  • Find the app
  • Login with a single click, without entering credentials
  • Make the app available to others (if you are admin)

From early on we wanted to address teams with mixed audiences (core people + freelancers) and mixed resources (client + agency apps). As work teams tend to morph from project to project, we hope Portadi will resonate with their needs for better control and visibility into app usage.

Public beta

We are now entering public beta. All kinks have been ironed out, we use Portadi for ourselves and we rolled it out to early users.

We have many popular cloud applications and web services to get you started, in fact the whole alphabet:

AWS, Box, Concur, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Github, Heroku, Invision,, KISSmetrics, LivePerson, MailChimp, New Relic, Office 365, Pinterest, QuickBooks, Redbooth, Salesforce, Twitter, UberConference, Vimeo, Webex, Xero, Yammer, Zendesk, just to name a few.

Are you ready? Sign up and see for yourself. Setup access to your own apps, setup team apps, invite others.

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