STRV chose Portadi to manage workplace online accounts

STRV are experts in software development – from apps and websites to backend. We talked to one of the co-founders and the COO, Lubo Smid, about how Portadi helps them effectively manage passwords and account sharing among the increasing number of their team members. Read below to see how!

What do you use Portadi the most for?
Sharing and easy access to accounts.

What was the main challenge you hoped Portadi would solve?
Easy password and account management. Plus, every app is different – sometimes you need to add people directly in the app, sometimes there is one account for everyone. That is extremely chaotic. Portadi helps us reduce this chaos.

How did you deal with these issues before Portadi?
We used to have one password for all apps! (Terrible, I know.) So if someone knew the password to one app, he also knew it to all the other ones. Then we also had a spreadsheet with all the login credentials. Only certain people had access to it, but they knew all the passwords. It was not effective at all.

How did you deal with onboarding and offboarding of employees?
When we wanted to share access to an app with somebody, we sent him the credentials – username and password. However, when someone very important left the company (so far it has happened twice), it took 3 of us several hours to change all the passwords for approximately 100 accounts!

Have you tried to address these issues before?
We haven’t really addressed the sharing of accounts and passwords issue before because we were relatively small back then. When we started with Portadi, we only had 40 people, now we have over 100.

Team STRV uses Portadi since 2015. Team STRV uses Portadi since 2015.

How does Portadi help you solve these problems?
We can have a different password for each app and we don’t have to remember or write anything down, which is great. Therefore we can change the passwords often and also make them much more complicated! I am now using a password generator for everything. This 12-digit password that comes out seems intimidating at first but since I have Portadi, it doesn’t scare me.

How is onboarding and offboarding now with Portadi?
When somebody new joins STRV, it is easy to give the new employee access to all the accounts that he will use.

How did you learn about Portadi?
Dusan (one of the co-founders of Portadi) approached David (CEO of STRV) and David connected me with him. Me and Dusan then discussed what features or aspects are crucial for STRV to implement Portadi across our entire company. We gave a lot of feedback to Portadi during the first 6 months but the guys from Portadi were very welcoming to that.

STRV founders - Lubo Smid on the left, David Semerad on the right. STRV founders - Lubo Smid, Pavel Zeifart, Martin Stava, David Semerad

How do you like the customer service?
The approach of Dusan and Tomas took in regards to customer service is something that really stands out to me and I would like to emphasize it as the best thing about Portadi. The customer service is incredible. We say what we want and that’s how it is!

How do your employees like Portadi?
They like Portadi. It helps us because our team can set up accounts on their own. They find that very positive. They have a good overview themselves as well. They like that they don’t have to write anything down. Portadi does this for them.

How do you like Portadi’s app interface?
The app is very intuitive and easy to use. I find the account I need and within one click I am in! Honestly, I didn’t really use it that much from the beginning but I just got used to it. And today I wouldn’t even have been able to access some apps without it!

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