Startup Grind relies on Portadi for access management

Startup Grind is a global startup community, designed to encourage networking among business founders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Right now, Startup Grind runs a series of meetups in big cities around the globe but plans to add a new online portal to broaden its worldwide footprint. Francisco Cruz, the Community Director, explains how he and his team in Palo Alto, California use Portadi to access 600 different accounts.

Francisco Cruz, Community Director, Startup Grind Francisco Cruz, Community Director, Startup Grind

What do you use Portadi most for?
Easy access to our accounts.

We use Portadi within our 15-member team in Palo Alto, where we are headquartered, and we only use it for 3 apps - Meetup, Eventbrite and our Startup Grind website. However, the challenge is that we have around 200 chapters (city-based communities with their own directors) in almost 70 countries and each individual chapter has its own Meetup, Eventbrite and Startup Grind page - which makes it a total of 600 different accounts! And we need to access and manage all of these.

How did you access these accounts prior to Portadi?
Every time we started a new chapter, I would independently create a Meetup, Eventbrite and Startup Grind page. Then I would enter the credentials into Google spreadsheet and use it as a reference. But our chapters kept growing and suddenly we had 100 of them. That meant having 300 different accounts that we needed to manage. I had to go to my email, go to Google Apps, go to my folder, go to the credential list, scroll through and find the specific chapter and then copy and paste the credentials!

How did you implement Portadi?
I was the only one that was using this complicated process because I was managing these accounts on an everyday basis. And I was also the only one who understood the process. Once we got new team members, I gave them access to that Google spreadsheet and they started wondering if there is an easier way because they didn’t know what was going on. And then Portadi appeared at the perfect time.

How are your employees satisfied with Portadi?
Once I started using it, it was life changing for me! Then I had to convince everyone else in my team to start using Portadi as well. And once they did, they couldn’t work without it. Somebody once asked me how do you know that you have a good startup. It is when your customers can no longer operate without your product, then you know. That applies to Portadi - I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

Derek Andersen, founder of Startup Grind

How does Portadi help you with accessing the accounts?
The process is so much simpler. Our team now has instant access to all 600 accounts. We are constantly updating 3 different websites for every single city (chapter). With Portadi, we can just instantly log in. It helps me to be so much more efficient with my job and it saves me, honestly, about 20 minutes every time I have to create a new chapter.

How does Portadi help you with user management?
We started getting a lot of interns this summer so seeing exactly who has access to what made it so much easier. If somebody leaves for a different internship, we can immediately take care of it. It is also great to see who is using what in the Activity Log - you can see who uses the app, how much and how often. If something goes wrong, it is easy to determine who to talk to, who was the last person using the specific app, etc. It has helped us twice with this specific issue.

What is your day-to-day experience with Portadi?
I love the interface. One thing we originally didn’t like as much was the pop-up button that asks you to add the account for the website that you are currently on. But as soon as Portadi added it, we noticed that our team is creating more accounts! It has also helped us realize that we can add our private accounts! Personally, as soon as I found out, it changed everything. I use it a lot for my concert tickets and it has been really helpful.

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