Portadi, team cloud identity and access management, comes to iOS

Portadi is a cloud SSO solution for workplace teams. It provides control over access to cloud apps. Portadi is now available on the App Store for iOS. You can use Touch ID to authenticate.

Mobile apps on iOS are great but there’s no automatic way of getting them set up with your company credentials. We want the Portadi cloud single sign-on solution to do that, i.e. you would click on an app or account icon in Portadi and it configures and launches your mobile app. However, that is not currently possible in iOS.

Portadi for iOS acts as a repository for your company accounts and team passwords. It’s a good, workable solution. Once you install Portadi for iOS, you simply look up specific account credentials (for example for MailChimp) and use them to configure a native third-party mobile app manually. As a Portadi user you will only see credentials for those company accounts where the Portadi admin specifically enabled the option to retrieve passwords. Portadi for iOS will also show your private accounts, for example for your LinkedIn.

To make things easier for you, just use Touch ID to authenticate to Portadi. The app currently does not work with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), but that is something that is in our backlog.

The Portadi iOS app is available for free on the App Store and works with both iPhone and iPad.

I would like to thank our beta testers who were willing to be involved, gave us great feedback and made the development and launch process so much easier.

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