Portadi steps up security with 2-factor authentication to protect user accounts

Tell me something you know and give me something you have - and only then will I let you in. That’s what Portadi will ask you to do when you enable the new 2-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (2-FA) is a very effective way to secure your account. It makes it extremely hard for someone else but you to get into your Portadi account. Not only would they have to know your username and password, they would also need to have your phone on hand at the time they try to log in—and that’s pretty unlikely.

Something you know is your username and password. Something you have is the one-time 6-digit passcode you will read from Google Authenticator. You need all of these in order to login to Portadi.

What does that mean for you? Because you need 2-FA to login to Portadi, by extension every cloud app and every website you access from Portadi is effectively protected with this technology.

We have published a short knowledge base to get you started. So go ahead, enable 2-factor authentication and enjoy an extra layer of security for your Portadi account.

Best practices

Keep in mind that two-factor authentication augments your security but you should still follow the elementary principles of password management.

  • Use a strong password for each app or website (Generally, strong means long, not necessarily complex.)
  • Use a unique password for each app or website
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Enable 2-FA in Portadi
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