Portadi rolls out Groups to provide control of cloud apps in large teams

For companies with a large number of cloud apps and accounts, the new Groups make the app management incredibly fast, transparent and secure.

It's all about core team apps

We’ve noticed that our customers have various teams that very often rely on a team-specific set of core apps. We have also noticed that admins or app admins for these groups always set access privileges for all these team core apps at once, typically when someone new joins the team or when someone leaves the team. This led us to Groups.

Portadi groups - list

We’ve designed the Groups to make it easier for team managers to assign access for a specific group of apps to a specific group of users. In practice, someone running a marketing team can onboard a new employee in just a few clicks.

On-boarding a new employee

All that needs to be done is for the team manager to say: Ashley is part of the marketing team and therefore she will see all our common marketing apps and accounts in her personalized access panel. Instead of selecting say 25 different apps and accounts, the team manager simply makes Ashley part of the marketing team and she automatically has one click login to all important marketing accounts.

Portadi groups - edit

Introducing a new app

Conversely, there’s also a scenario, when the team manager wants to introduce a brand new app to the team. It’s just as simple to add a new app to the pool of team apps in the marketing group and make this app immediately available to the entire team, right from their personal access panels.

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