Portadi is MyTime’s big time saver when it comes to password management

MyTime is a one-stop destination for anything booking and appointment related. MyTime knows a lot about time efficiency since its platform provides a quick and easy booking for individuals and also develops time-scheduling tools for businesses, among other tools. We talked to Sean Anderson, Director of Operations, about how Portadi saves MyTime time with password management and security.

What is the main reason you use Portadi?
Password security.

Sean Anderson, Director of Operations, MyTime Sean Anderson, Director of Operations, MyTime

What was the main challenge with password security prior to Portadi?
Prior to Portadi we just shared passwords. We literally emailed people saying: “Hi, this is a password to this account.” We also used the same password for a lot of different accounts. It took us a lot of time to keep track of who knows which credentials. Another problem that we were facing was that somebody still had access to certain accounts after leaving the company. And that is something I didn’t like at all.

Did you try to solve this issue before using Portadi?
I feel like it is okay to share passwords this way when your team is really small. However, we are pretty big and international as well - we have about 30 people in the US and then we have a couple of people scattered around the world. I had a few ideas how to solve this problem prior to using Portadi. My main idea was to establish “tiered passwords”. Let’s say the Executive team would have access to Level 1 passwords, etc. However, this would have obviously involved a lot of manual work so I never really implemented it.

How did Portadi help with ensuring your password security?
When somebody leaves, I can simply deactivate the account because I have never actually shared any passwords with that person.

How does Portadi save you time?
First of all, it helps with onboarding. When someone new comes, I already have all the accounts pre-set and I can just quickly share the access with the new employee. And it helps with offboarding for the same reason. After somebody leaves, I don’t have to go and change a whole bunch of passwords and accounts. And that saves me a lot of time! But it hasn’t just been a huge time saver for me, but for everyone else in MyTime on a day-to-day basis. Now that we have all our accounts in Portadi, we just have to click to log in! We don’t have to remember any passwords and type them in the apps five times a day. All of our employees rely on Portadi for most of our cloud apps.

Team MyTime on St. Patrick's Day Team MyTime on St. Patrick's Day

How do you use Portadi for app usage overview?
It is definitely helpful to see all the apps that we are using and to get the feel for what people are logging into. It is not always representative of whether or not we need an app based on how often we use it. We only use some apps every once in a while. But from the organizational standpoint of view, it is very nice to have a list of everything that we are using. I can just scan through it and I know right away. I also use it as a reminder to invoice some companies.

How are you satisfied with Portadi’s customer service?
Dusan has been incredibly responsive. Usually, if there is any problem, it is solved within that day.

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