Grant and remove access with just one click in the new Access Matrix

The Access Matrix in Portadi is the place to see who has access to which web application or website. It’s the bird’s eye view of how access rights are distributed across your team and across your entire organization. Today, we added a direct way of granting and removing access, right from the Portadi Access Matrix.

Let’s walk through the steps necessary to grant Jeremy access to New Relic:

  1. Click on the checkbox in the Access Matrix.
  2. Confirm.
  3. Umm, there’s no third step really.

We are designing Portadi for those of us who manage teams or run great companies. We manage specific web applications for other people, but we are not IT admins in any way. Our goal with Portadi is to make it easy for all of us to give and revoke access to people we work with and see what is happening with all of the apps and websites we use. The new Access Matrix is an important step in that direction.

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