Portadi brings its cloud app access panel to Safari

Portadi is a cloud app manager for workplace teams where users find all team online accounts and cloud apps, from Asana to WebEx. For us, users, Portadi provides a one click login to our work apps and websites. Getting to MailChimp or SendGrid is as easy as clicking an icon.

Portadi for Chrome & Safari

The Portadi journey started with Chrome. Today we added Safari to give you another great option if you are on a Mac.

Portadi Cloud IAM Personalized Access Panel in Safari

You'll soon notice that our Portadi extension for Safari is slightly different from Chrome — and simpler in a way.

The key difference is this: When you click on the Portadi icon in the Safari toolbar, it takes you directly to the Portadi page and you login from there. (You won’t see your app bookmark list like in Chrome.)

It’s a bit of an experiment. Frankly, we don’t know yet which approach is better and we would like to hear from you.

You can install the Portadi extension for Safari directly from your Portadi account. Simply sign in to Portadi in Safari and click the prompt to install the extension.

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