Portadi admins now see favorite cloud apps separate from all company apps

How quickly can you login to your favorite cloud app? With Portadi, it’s a single click. Our team leaders usually have a longer list of apps: some they use personally and some they only manage for others. Looking up a specific app can take a second longer, so now it’s time to make things even faster for team leaders.

First, we’re changing My apps to just Apps, it’s just... simpler. Under Apps, our team leads (aka admins) now see two tabs - My apps and All apps. These two app categories are no longer mixed.

  • My apps is a list of company apps you plan to use often. If you are a Portadi admin, these are the apps you see in your own Portadi browser extension.

  • All apps is a list of all apps you manage for your organization through Portadi.

The end result is a more relevant, shorter list of personal apps for each Portadi admin and a faster path to the app they want. We hope this gives you a better experience for login and app management. Don’t be shy, let us know in the comments below!

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