Ad tech network Opera Mediaworks makes Portadi their launchpad for web apps

Opera Mediaworks (previously Huntmads) is a leading mobile advertising platform for Latin America and U.S. Hispanic market. Portadi interviewed Nicolás Agnese, IT Manager of the Opera Mediaworks Buenos Aires office. Since he manages all the IT operations, he uses Portadi’s cloud solution to help his team secure their online accounts. Keep reading to find out how!

Nicolás Agnese, IT Manager, Opera Mediaworks Buenos Aires Nicolás Agnese, IT Manager, Opera Mediaworks Buenos Aires

What was the biggest issue you were facing before using Portadi?
Security. Not being able to share login information between team members and not having passwords kept secure. We did not want all the passwords being visible to everyone.

How did you deal with these problems before?
Three years ago, we started using an Excel spreadsheet, which is always the first step. Quite quickly we found out it was a nightmare. It was not secure because people come and go and it is simply uncomfortable to have these spreadsheets always open. It was unsafe to constantly copy and paste login information.

Did you try to address these issues before Portadi?
Yes, we figured we were not the only ones dealing with this nightmare. We found a similar solution, but it was not specifically designed for the security problem that we had. We were able to share login credentials, but everyone in the company saw all the passwords.

We tested a couple of other solutions and tried to play around with the settings. However, we didn’t find anything quite as helpful and well-designed as Portadi. So for me it was like: “Alright, somebody is focusing on the problem!”

Buenos Aires-based Huntmads, now part of Opera Mediaworks, uses Portadi to improve the security of their online accounts. Buenos Aires-based Huntmads, now part of Opera Mediaworks, uses Portadi to improve the security of their online accounts.

What challenges were you facing while onboarding and offboarding employees?
When somebody left the company, we would have to go and change all the passwords, just to be sure that people are not leaking information. We had about 200 different credentials so it took us probably between 2 to 4 days. The last time we were offboarding a person before using Portadi, we had to split the work between 3 different people and it took us 2 full days!

How does Portadi help you with onboarding and offboarding now?
Our team is growing and we currently have about 40 people. We have a few people coming and going every couple of months. Not having to spend 2-3 days changing passwords every month is great! Actually, somebody just left our company yesterday. It was great to be simply able to offboard him on Portadi.

How did you implement Portadi?
Dusan contacted me and simply said, “Hey there is a solution that might come in handy”. It sounded like a great solution so we told him we would try it out. We did and it worked perfectly!

How do you like the customer service?
Since we use many apps that are not very user-oriented, we configure most of our apps as custom apps. It is easy and it has worked just fine most of the time. We had some issues with a couple of apps on Portadi but nothing that a quick email to Portadi's support team couldn't fix. The team is also quite responsive when we use the contact form. We are able to solve any issue that same day.

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