Let your own experts control access to team cloud apps

Portadi is a cloud IAM for workplace teams, acting as one password for any cloud app. A ‎personalized access panel with one-click login to team apps, which every user gets, greatly simplifies and speeds up everyone’s day-to-day workflow.

Previously Portadi had two types of access rights - admin and user. Now there’s a third tier - application administrator - which moves Portadi even closer to distributed administration.

Portadi IAM - Access matrix

Why it matters? For one, this allows for a more granular administration and better access hierarchy in Portadi. While you maintain the overall control, you can delegate administration privileges to someone who buys subscriptions for these cloud apps and is a more logical go-to person for people in their team.

Let’s say you have a marketing team - likely they use sites and services like Eventbrite, Twitter, Mixpanel, SlideShare, Vimeo, or Wistia. Now you can grant Melissa, your marketing team lead, the right to manage some or all of their team apps.

What does that mean for you? Control and visibility are still yours but you no longer have to handle every request. That’s what modern, team-friendly and cloud-friendly identity and access management systems like Portadi should be all about.

Portadi Identity & Access Management - Per-app Administration

What does that mean for the application administrator? The Portadi app admin takes over the responsibility for managing access to the app or account. Say the team hired a freelancer who needs to analyze the company’s social media and website stats. Melissa will grant the freelancer temporary access to Mixpanel. After the project is completed, Melissa will disable access to Mixpanel for the freelancer. Best part? No passwords are disclosed, shared or sent via email.

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