Keep me signed in for 1 hour, or 1 day, or 1 week. Control how often you log in to Portadi.

You restarted your browser and Portadi asked you to sign in again? You will like this: Portadi now lets you control how often it prompts you to sign in. In other words, you can decide for how long you want your browser to remember that you were signed in to Portadi. The options are: hour, day, week of inactivity.

You’ll find this option in your User Settings under 'Require password'. By default, you will stay signed in for one week. If you prefer to keep close tabs on security, select Every hour. You will be signed out automatically after one hour of inactivity.

But it goes without saying that we recommend you use Portadi all the time and therefore never have to sign in again! :-)

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