Introducing Private apps – One click login to your team's apps and your private apps

Today, Portadi is a place for team apps. Being a Portadi admin gives you perfect visibility into which apps are used in your team and by whom. If you are a Portadi user, it’s about the straightforward one click login to all of the apps used in your team. We thought: it’s time to take this awesome experience to our private lives.

Private apps in Portadi give you a one click login to your own stuff - like your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. If you are a Portadi user, simply click Add app. This app will be your private (invisible to others) and you’ll see it at the top of your list in the Portadi browser extension.

If you are a Portadi admin, you define private apps just like any other apps, except, you mark them as “This app is private” which removes any sharing. They are invisible to any other person in your team or to any other Portadi administrator. But it gets better. If you decide that you want to let someone else into your Vimeo account (perhaps just temporarily), you actually can - uncheck Private and define who the lucky person is. Yep, it’s that simple.

What should you do? Well, now it’s time to bring in your private apps, your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, dare I say Pinterest…?

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