Get ready for Demo Day at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator

The Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program ends with Demo Day — in Berlin they prefer to be more precise so it's called Demo Night.

Team Portadi during Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Demo Day in Berlin in June 2015

For us Demo Night was the most frustrating and at the same time most rewarding experience. The most frustrating in the sense that it took weeks to prepare. And in the process we sometimes went through phases we thought were long behind us. When speaker coaches arrived for the first time about a month before Demo Day, our conversation went something like this:

“What do you do?”
“We help companies manage and control access to cloud apps.”
“What do you do?”
“We provide one click login so people can get to their apps quickly.”
“What do you do?”
“We remove passwords from workflows.

It’s all fun and games until you hear this question the first time: “Why?” And the brutal cycle repeats.

“Why are you solving this issue?”
“Most teams and companies struggle with cloud app management.”

And you continue running on this mental treadmill until you start doubting that you are actually solving any problem at all. Only then are you ready for the MIOSSS - Main Idea in One Single Sexy Sentence. That’s when Ori and Eyal, two excellent coaches from Virtuozo, start pulling you out of the water and help you re-assemble your story into something that actually makes sense. Suddenly, for the first time, you can explain what you do to your grandmother. It’s a wonderful, rewarding moment.

You can see what MIOSSS actually looks like in this behind-the-scenes video of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin Batch #3. Hint: look for a whiteboard.

MIOSSS consists of Data, Story, Videos, Demo, The world before and after, Slides, You, and finally: Invitation. It’s essentially a helper to get you focused on the key elements of your Demo Night pitch on stage.

Nothing beats Demo Night in terms of stress you’re going to endure during the accelerator. It will continue all the way until you walk up on stage, look at the audience and say the first words. But – as they say – practice makes perfect.

Eight startups were featured during the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin Batch #3 Demo Night: IPlytics, Tripdelta, QuantifiedCode, Tandemploy, qDatum, Skoove, WunderAgent and Portadi. Enjoy the show!

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