Firemedia uses Portadi to get new team members quickly on board

Firemedia doesn’t only provide e-commerce marketing services. They are also developing their own platform for e-shops! Marek Kriz, the founder and CEO, talked to us about how Portadi makes the employee onboarding quick and easy, especially while growing fast and planning a new project in 2016. Read below to find out more!

What do you use Portadi for the most?
Easy onboarding and offboarding. Since we are growing really fast, we use it mostly for onboarding now.

How did you deal with onboarding before Portadi?
When someone new joins the company, it typically takes a very long time to share all of the usernames and passwords with the person. We were very chaotic and unsystematic about this. New employees would come to us every time they didn’t have certain access and we would give them the credentials one by one. Sometimes we found out that an employee is missing one credential after almost a month! Of course, we soon realized that this is not working at all.

How did you deal with offboarding?
A situation, when you have to fire somebody, is very uncomfortable. We didn’t know what the particular employee had access to, if he saw our accounting documentation, etc. Each person had access to different accounts as well. Overall, it was very chaotic.

Marek Kriz, Founder and CEO of FiremediaMarek Kriz, Founder and CEO of Firemedia

How did you manage apps and passwords?
We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. For the first 2 years, we had an internal password management tool – several tables and spreadsheets. It was extremely primitive.

How did Portadi help you solve these issues?
Since we are growing really fast, we have mostly used Portadi for onboarding and we have only fired one person since starting with Portadi. But this time it was extremely comfortable. We didn’t have to deal with anything, we didn’t have to worry if that person kept certain login information, copied anything or took advantage of the app access, since our employees have to work with a lot of sensitive and confidential information.

How did you implement Portadi?
I usually don’t like to initiate the implementation of new apps. It is tough to force 20 people in your company to start using something new. Nobody wants to deal with that, so it was extremely easy to delegate this task to the guys from Portadi. I know I can just contact them and they will solve any problem. Even though there haven’t really been any problems so far, which is great.

How are your employees satisfied with Portadi?
In general, they think it’s a great tool, easy to use and the app is simple.

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