Bring your own apps to Portadi. Introducing custom apps.

There are now 250 fully pre-integrated apps in Portadi. All of them are public websites and web applications like New Relic, GoDaddy, or PayPal. But what about those server applications you build and deploy yourself, in your own datacenter or your private cloud? What about news servers that are industry-specific, perhaps your subscription for Chemical Week? Take a look at the new Custom Apps that we have developed to let you control access to all of these private or proprietary applications.

What is different about Custom Apps compared to fully pre-integrated apps? In Custom Apps you need to provide a URL for your site’s login page, everything else stays the same: you can grant access to other people in your team, you can track if people utilize the site, just like with pre-integrated apps. It’s about visibility, understanding what’s going on, and being able to respond.

One of the key benefits of Portadi is that you can make any app you define in Portadi, pre-integrated or custom, available to other people and do that without disclosing your login credentials. So when you need to give someone a temporary access to one of your accounts, perhaps to update credit card information or to retrieve account statements for the past three months, there is an elegant way to do that.

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