Daily life at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin

Portadi graduated from the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin in spring 2015. It was intense four months, with trainings, workshops, a crazy amount of customer meetings, interviews, pitches, and of course a lot of fun. Here is what it was for us. Every Wednesday there is an hour long meeting with »

How to apply to the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator

It’s not rocket science. With just a little bit of preparation you should be able to rise above the noise and significantly improve your chances of getting on the shortlist. Portadi was part of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin Batch #3 (MSVA Spring 2015). Over 500 companies applied, out »

How to bring accounts into Portadi

The best moment to bring a new app or account to Portadi is when you sign in to an app or account for the first time. That way you can capture a new account and have it available in the Portadi access panel. We’re introducing an automatic account setup. »

Why should you worry about password length?

Is a longer password better than a shorter complex password? The answer is: maybe. Generally, a longer password will perform better against hacking attempts. However, if it uses common dictionary words, i.e. VanillaIceCream, then maybe not. Gizmodo published a list of 25 most popular passwords in 2014 and the »

Let your own experts control access to team cloud apps

Portadi is a cloud IAM for workplace teams, acting as one password for any cloud app. A ‎personalized access panel with one-click login to team apps, which every user gets, greatly simplifies and speeds up everyone’s day-to-day workflow. Previously Portadi had two types of access rights - admin and »