Portadi makes Apiary's User Support System cost effective and efficient

Apiary is helping software developers all over the world by providing them with the best tools for creating APIs. Apiary is the first in the world to develop tools for automatic API testing! We talked to Jakub Nesetril, Apiary’s CEO, about how Portadi helps them effectively assist developers through their unique User Support system.

What do you use Portadi for the most?
Sharing access to team accounts, mostly our User Support accounts.

Can you tell me about how your User Support system works?
We are using a specific User Support model that many other, mostly developer-centric, companies use as well. It means that our User Support position is rotating among all of our employees in the company. It is extremely powerful and strong – people that actually create the product are speaking directly to people that are using it. Of course, not everybody is a customer service professional but it does provide a human element to the service.

Jakub Nesetril, CEO & co-founder, Apiary.io Jakub Nesetril, CEO & co-founder, Apiary.io (Photo: Matej Slávik)

What is the biggest issue with the User Support model?
When somebody is on User Support duty, that employee needs access to numerous different tools while providing customer service. Our User Support system doesn’t only operate on our online Support forum, but also through the company’s Twitter account, Stack Overflow, Zendesk, Intercom, email, and many different analytical tools as well. The employee staffed on User Support duty needs access to over 20 accounts to adequately service customers; however, the rest of the employees don’t need access at the same time.

How did Portadi help you solve this problem?
First of all, we did not want to pay for 20 different accounts when only one person is using them at a time - we just wanted to have one account. Portadi helped us easily distribute these shared accounts to others within the company.

Do you use Portadi for other team accounts?
We started using Portadi for the accounts related to User Support but after a while, it spread to other teams within our company as well. The team that monitors the stability of our platform uses it. We now use it whenever we want to have shared access for several people within a specific team that use a specific set of apps. It has become a standard for us.

How does Portadi help you with password management?
We use other apps for individual password management, which are required for all of our employees. These apps help team members keep their individual passwords safe. However, it is different with the company’s User Support system – the set of apps that the person on duty uses always changes. Constantly updating our employees with what has changed and what passwords they should update in their individual password management systems just doesn’t make sense.

Apiary Meetup in San Francisco Apiary Meetup at their San Francisco headquarters

How satisfied are you with Portadi’s Customer Service?
Sometimes I think that we have a privileged position since we were one of the first paying customers. Dusan takes amazing care of us. We said we wanted a Safari plugin and Portadi made a Safari plugin. Then the Portadi team asked us what apps we use. So we put together a list of apps and two weeks later, they were all available and functional on Portadi! I expected these integrations to take months and they were done within days. Portadi's responsiveness and the speed with which they have been improving their service is incredible.

What do your employees say about Portadi?
I have no feedback from our employees. That is because the best things work in a way that you don’t even notice them. I don’t need to comment a few times per day on how well Portadi works. I actually don't ever want to notice it at all! The best feedback I can give you is that we implemented Portadi for 30 of our employees and a week after that, everything was working perfectly. Since then, nobody has ever mentioned Portadi again. There have been no problems since the implementation.

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