Activity Log lets you see things as they happen

Who were the last 5 people to sign in to MailChimp? Who invited the people from our PR agency and gave them access to the Vimeo account? The new Activity Log provides a chronological record of activities in your Portadi organization.

Activity Log: Portadi provides an audit trail that helps you track recent changes made to your organization.

The Activity Log gives you insight into what happened in your Portadi account. You can see when people signed in to any given application, when user accounts were created, when people signed up, or who invited who. This allows you to go back in time and review or investigate any suspicious activity.

Missing from the Activity Log is information about private apps that Portadi admins or users set up for themselves.

Search for specific data

Currently, the Activity Log shows the last 200 records but you can go farther back in time with Search. You can search for specific activities: simply type “logged”, “created”, “signed up”, or type in someone’s name or domain name). You can also use “-text” in the search field to eliminate the records you don’t want to see. For example when you want to exclude all MailChimp activities from your search results, you just type “-mailchimp”.

Let us know what else you would like to see in Activity Log in the comments below.

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